Diamond Sponsor Benefits :

1. The diamond level sponsor has the opportunity to conduct a presentation about their company or chair a symposium session in coordination with the scientificcommittee.
2. A special stand will be allocated for the diamond level sponsor at the exhibition, held at the symposium's main hall, provided that the sponsor will be responsible for the stand’s contents, design and supervision. (4 X 5 m)
3. The diamond level sponsor will have the opportunity to give a five-minutes speech at the opening ceremony as part of the symposium's program.
4. The diamond level Sponsor’s name and logo will be posted on the symposium's publications, including the symposium's agenda and its official program guide, as well as various sizes of banners inside and outside the hall where the symposium will be held.
5. The diamond level Sponsor’s website link will be included on the symposium’s website.
6. Four advertising materials from the diamond level sponsor will be included in the symposium folder. The materials should be provided one month prior to the symposium date ( 20October 2017)
7. The diamond level sponsor has the right to invite 15 corporate figures. The free invitation cards will be given by the organizing committee 15 days before the symposium begins its activities.
8. The diamond level sponsorwill be referred to prior ,during and after the symposium in all the symposium’s media outlet including, social media, press, websites ,TV and radio station.
The diamond level sponsor’s work team is allowed to attend in their official uniform during the symposium.
10. The diamond level sponsor will be awarded a trophy and a certificate of appreciation by the organizing committee, in recognition of their sponsorship of the event.
Notice: Diamond level sponsorship (two slots only) (100,000 SR)