Corporate Sponsor Benefits:

1.A special stand will be designated for the corporate sponsor, who shall be responsible for the contents, design and supervision of the stand (3 X 3 m)
2.The sponsor’s name and logo will be included on allthe symposium’s prints and publications, including the symposium’s agenda and program guide, as well as on the banners inside and outside the hall where the symposium will be held.
3.An opportunity to post an electronic advertisement on the symposium’s website..
4.The corporate sponsor will be awarded a trophy and a certificate of appreciation by the organizing committee, in recognition of their sponsorship of the event. The agreement with the corporate sponsor shall be concluded according to negotiations between both parties depending on an exchange of benefits. It is also subjected to changes in accordance with the activities of the sponsor, whether publications in newspapers, coverage on TV channels radio stations or/and social media. All sponsorships and related agreements are under Saudi Arabia government’s rules and regulations in case of dispute cases.